Visual Identity for CTM.06 Festival – Being Bold!
As creative director, 2006.

CTM is a yearly music and art festival with a changing theme for each edition. Each year the visual identity of the festival has to reflect the theme as well as the festival's general identity. 

The 2006 edition of the CTM Festival presented artists and projects whose creativity lies in a personal, sometimes obsessive, eccentric, idiosyncratic and always remarkably enthusiastic attitude, characterized by a healthy distance to established scenes and would-be authoritative discourses. Being Bold! here meant to be brash, audacious, fierce, intrepid, risky, brazen and outrageous; and when these attitudes are applied in the creation of music and art the results are as radically diverse as the artists themselves – humor, irony, sincerity, absurdism and the grotesque thus allhad  equal currency for the program of CTM.06.

Creative Director: Jan Rohlf
Design: Christine Gundelach, Crish Klose, Marius Rehmet of Studio Grau.