Album cover for Pure, released on Crónica (038), 2008.

Always on the darker and heavier side of the sonic universe Pure creates hypnotic, droney soundtrack-like sound pieces that trigger associations of dreams and science fiction stories using his own software tools for his mix of electroacoustic composition, sound synthesis, and live electronics.

His latest album Ification presents a collection of seven diverse tracks that revolve around dense, filmic and eerie atmospheres, without ever drifting into obvious or simple harmonies. It features collaborations with various instrumentalists (Christoph de Babalon, Alexanda von Bolz'n, Anke Eckardt, Martin Brandlmayr).

Ification was written, recorded and mixed by Pure, mastered by Martin Siewert, and its cover art was specially created by Jan Rohlf. Released on CD by Portuguese label Crónica Electronica as an edition of 500 copies.

"Aus allen Ecken der Genres hat Pure Gäste geladen (s.o.), Martin Siewert ... produzierte "Ilfication" allerfeinst, Jan Rohlfs Coverkunst erlangt nahezu Peter Kogler’sche Ausmaße. Der Aufwand steht dafür. Prächtige Platte."

"Striking cover art is by Jan Rohlf, depicting a gigantic venting tube such as you attach to a tumble dryer, bursting forth its intestines on inner gatefold."
The Sound Projector

"Geil purgatorisches Cover von Jan Rohlf auch."