Album cover for Klimek, released on Anticipate Recordings (004), 2007.

The CD published on Ezekiel Honig's Anticipate label comes in a jewel case with a double sided fold-out poster. A limited edition of 500 copies came with an additional 4 track EP with paper sleeve.

Throughout his career, Sebastian Meissner aka Klimek has explored a range of terrain under several guises (Random_Inc, Bizz Circuits, Autokontrast, and others), recorded for numerous, highly regarded labels (Mille Plateaux, Kompakt, Sub Rosa, and many others) and exhibited his work in several formats and venues.

Under his Klimek moniker, Meissner produces delicate drone scapes, which are carefully constructed from acoustic source materials such as guitar and sons trouvé. His dreamy, evocative slow motion compositions show a striking sense of beauty and bittersweet melancholia, while boasting dark, haunting and ghostly undertones. Clear points of reference would be purveyors of mesmerising, floating but tense music such as Bohren und der Club of Gore, Tim Hecker, Earth or Angelo Badalamenti’s groundbreaking atmospheric scores for the film works of David Lynch.