Invasive Sound
Program for Todays Art Festival 2009

Two-day performance program to explore the human body as source of and target for sound, responding to the festival's theme of Todays Art 2009 - "Conflict".

Sonic events - noises, sounds, music -are not perceived by the ear alone. Their effect on the human body goes beyond even the stimulation of the other sensory organs. Acoustic vibrations transmit impulses that obtrude and invade the body and its tissues; they are not only processed on a conscious level, but can also provoke unconscious psychological and uncontrollable physiological reactions. Invasive Sound presents artists who make use of all these aspects in order to get close to the human body in disquieting ways. Their work is aimed directly at both physiological and culturally encoded perceptions of the body. The experiences they offer audiences engender both conflict and corporeal pleasure.

Participants & works:
Kurt Hentschlager  "Feed"
terminalbeach (Pure and Erich Berger) "Heartchamberorchestra"
Artificiel "POWEr"
Jacob Kierkegaard "Labyrinthitis"
Lynn Pook & Julien Clauss "Pause"
Jamie Drouin & Karl Kliem "MRI | RMX"
Christof Migone
Daito Manabe
Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yieldham)
Mark Bain
Rudolfo Quintas

The full catalogue text can be read here.