Strange Attractors
Exhibition, General Public, December 2006
With Jo Mitchell, Jan Rohlf, Michael Schultze.

Jo Mitchell’s text-based works in form of extremely exaggerated or overlayed typography are loaded with connotations from subcultural contexts like graffiti, tattoos and heavy metal. For STRANGE ATTRACTORS she created a new wall-painting and showed her video-loop »Ghostrider«.

Light and surface are central elements in the objects and installations of Jan Rohlf. His drawings create enigmatic, dark realms of sound and dreamscapes. With »Absorber Element II« he made a distinctive intervention into the exhibition space.

Michael Schultze explores the secrets of melancholia in its ambivalence of woe and pleasure. Profound and subtle thoughts about loss, value, doubts and memories materialize in the form of adapted sculptures and filmic works.