DISK Sessions
Audio and AV performances series

DISK Sessions are an ongoing series of performances and presentations for a small audience and present the work of artists, who engage in the experimental exploration of the acoustic realm and the relation of sound and image. It is a format to present material and projects in progress and to encourage a direct and personal communication between artist/presenter and audience.

The DISK-Sessions-series is a collaborative project with Oliver Baurhenn and Remco Schuurbiers, and takes place under the umbrella of DISK Berlin at the project space General Public in Berlin. Past DISK Sessions have featured amongst others: Hanno Leichtmann, BJ Nilsen, Ultra-red, Pure, Klimek, Eran Sachs, Christopher Willits, Jamie Drouin, Derek Holzer, Anne Wellmer, O.Blaat, Marc Weiser, Antistrot, Erich Berger, HC Gilje, Andrey Kirichenko, Kotra, Florian Kmet.